Outer Space Vodka and Risks of Novelty Liquor

//Outer Space Vodka and Risks of Novelty Liquor

Outer Space Vodka and Risks of Novelty Liquor

Recently I was gifted a small bottle of Outer Space Vodka. It’s not a very good vodka. It has that vague taste of paint thinner that is pretty common amongst most bottom shelf vodkas. Still, I like it because this is exactly how novelty liquor should be presented. It has a unique presentation that’s good for a chuckle. In this case, a small green tinted glass in the shape of the head of an Area 51 type alien. Perfect for someone who needs to drink while watching the X-Files.

Size Matters

More importantly it’s small. Novelty liquor typically tastes awful, and people who are susceptible to pretty bottles (yes I’m talking about me) end up with foul tasting booze that takes up space on a shelf. That’s all well and good when its small like this bottle of Outer Space Vodka. However, when you’re dealing with a full sized bottle, it can easily stay there for years unless you man up and pour it out. Pouring out liquor is a philosophical discussion for another time, but even when its bad most people agree it’s a shameful moment.

Still, those bottles can be awfully hard to resist. So you have to remember that when you buy a pretty or unique bottle of liquor, those bottles are often their only redeeming quality. There are of course exceptions to this. Lots of high end liquors have special bottles glass bottles made that are meant add to the prestige of the drink itself. Liqueurs are also a common exception to this rule. Chambord has that awesome shape that is reminiscent of the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And who can forget the monk shaped bottle of Frangelico, that reminds more people of Mrs. Butterworth than a a man of the cloth. When it comes down to judging the quality of the liquor inside of a uniquely shaped glass bottle it comes down to one question.

“Can I find this bottle at Michaels or Hobby Lobby for around $10?”

If you answered “yes”, whatever is in that bottle unlikely to taste good and very likely to make you sick. That brings us back to my new little bottle of Outer Space Voda. Once again it’s a wonderful gift, but I’m not taking more than a sip of it. So in the interest of getting some real value out of it, I decided to have fun and take some pictures with it. At the end of the day that’s probably the safest thing you can do with novelty vodka.

Mecha Godzilla and Outspace Vodka

Can even Mecha Godzilla stop the awesome power of Outer Space Vodka?

Ming the Merciless

Pathetic Earthlings, who can save you now?

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