Ocean Spray Mocktails – Following the Recipe By the Book

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Ocean Spray Mocktails – Following the Recipe By the Book

While at the grocery story I saw something that caught my eye, Ocean Spray Mocktails. This confused me a little at first, but Ocean Spray cranberry juice has been a cocktail staple for years. So venturing out further into the world of cocktail mixers makes sense in that regard. Currently they are available in three flavors – Tropical Citrus, Cranberry Sangria, and Cranberry Peach Bellini. As a fan of tropical drinks, the Tropical Citrus Paradise seemed the most appealing so I gave it a shot.

Ocean Spray Tropical Citrus Paradise

My first reaction is “dear god is this sweet”. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this really walks the line of almost being too sweet to drink. If you put this in a plastic pouch that was virtually impossible to open, you could very easily pass it off as a Capri Sun. Still, I’ve got an entire bottle and I’m determined that Ocean Spray Mocktails will be enjoyable. There’s no way I’m dumping it. Fortunately, Ocean Spray has some serving suggestions on the back.

Ocean Spray Tropical Suggestions

Nice and Simple

I’ve already tried nice and simple with my first attempt of pouring it over ice. However, I did use a regular glass.  Maybe I should take their suggestion and try using my own coconut glass. As luck would have I did have a coconut in the house for just such an occasion.  Unfortunately I’m not really good at breaking open coconuts. I’ll have the post the video I took of me trying to open it at some point because that’s probably funnier than anything I’m going to write. At any rate, using the coconut was anything but simple, and in no way made the drink taste better.

Oceanspray Mocktails taste better in a coconut

With Bubbles

Suggestion number two on the back of bottle was to add club soda.  This was actually an improvement. The club soda waters it did enough that the sweetness isn’t smacking you in the face. The bubbles were a nice touch too. I’m still not entirely sold on it though. It’s nice enough, but it still just tastes like a really fruity and slightly watered down soda like this. Suggestion three has a lot of potential though and might be enough for me to really enjoy Ocean Spray Mocktails.

Ocean Spray Mocktails with club soda

As a Cocktail

There we go. When in doubt, add rum right? It’s still a little sweeter than I like, though no worse than a lot of fruity rum drinks. I would drink it again like this. After drinking this I visited Ocean Spray’s website and it appears they have a list of recipes for all of the Ocean Spray Mocktails that they offer, including the Tropical Citrus Paradise. I may go back and give that a try in the near future.

Mocktail with Rum

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