Blue Lagoon aka The Lazy Way to Impress

//Blue Lagoon aka The Lazy Way to Impress

Blue Lagoon aka The Lazy Way to Impress

I have long held the belief that cocktail recipes should remain relatively simple. Personally I like to cap off the ingredients to around 3 or 4 and just use the best ingredients possible. Sure, drinks with a dozen ingredients and multiple mixing techniques can be impressive to watch being made, but there are three things that could be hindering you:

  1. You might not have the money. Making drinks can get expensive, and if a cocktail has more than 4 ingredients the cost can quickly reach $100.00.  I’m not judging. My broke ass is right there with you.
  2. You might not have an audience that will even appreciate it. You might be serving a drink that took a lot of work to make to someone who is going to say, “oh I made one of these with a drink mix from TGI Fridays.” That can be just a bit frustrating.
  3. You might just be too lazy. Hey measuring things is work, plus there’s cleanup. Why go through that when you can just open up a beer?


But sometimes you just want to make a cocktail that’s going to impress the people in the room. Fortunately I have just the thing for you, the Blue Lagoon. You may have had it under a different name. I’ve seen it called Electric Lemonade and a Blue Islander before. Regardless of what they’re calling it a Blue Lagoon is a simple vodka based drink that’s visually striking, particularly if you want to add a garnish like a lemon wheel. Don’t feel pressured by the garnish my lazy friends. It’s entirely unnecessary.


The Recipe

1 oz. Blue Curacao

1 oz. Vodka

4 oz. Lemonade

Add the three ingredients together, shake, and pour into a glass over ice.


Here is a picture of the Blue Lagoon. Once again Blue Curacao makes something simple look pretty striking. Now just imagine it a pineapple and cherry with one of those fancy lobster toothpicks going through it. Almost inspires a guy to go that extra mile. I’m still not going to, but I’m throwing it out there. Also, as far as the lemonade goes, freshly squeezed is quite nice, but even just Minute Maid in a bottle will get the job done. At any rate you’ve got a very pretty drink that you’re guests will be impressed with, and with only 3 ingredients it won’t break the bank. Enjoy!

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