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Vodka Is a Vegetable is an attempt to bring some levity back into the world of cocktails. I’m not a mixologist or a beer or wine snob.  I’m just a guy who enjoys a good drink from time to time… or perhaps a little more often than that. But in a world full of craft beer, craft cocktails, and other sorts of alcoholic witchcraft it’s tough to deny that booze gets taken a little too seriously on occasion. The reason we drink in the first place is to let loose, forget problems, and have a good time. That’s where I come in. Consider me a bottle of Zima at a wine tasting.

On this site we’ll be reviewing all sorts of beer, wine, and spirits, offering up drink recipes that don’t include over half a dozen ingredients, and at times just rambling about the the subjects of drinking and alcohol such as the logic that if vodka is from potatoes and potatoes are vegetables…. logicially speaking Vodka is a Vegetable.  So if you like to learn a little bit about drinks and how to make them, and don’t mind a few groan inducing jokes, this might be a webpage to check out from time to time.