3 Daughters Key Lime Apple Cider

//3 Daughters Key Lime Apple Cider

3 Daughters Key Lime Apple Cider

I love key lime pie. It’s just about the greatest fruit based pie in the world. It’s sweet, it’s tart, and it’s a lovely shade of green. What’s not to love? Whenever I get an opportunity to have it or have anything like it, I go for it. I’m probably the only person who has good things to say about KeKe Key Lime Pie liqueur (we’ll save that review for another day though). Needless to say when I came across 3 Daughters Key Lime Apple Cider I didn’t hesitate for a second to grab it.

The Description

3 Daughters Key Lime Apple Cider caught me off-guard when I tasted it. While I wasn’t really expecting anything that tasted like key lime pie, I was expecting a strong lime flavor or at least something vaguely citrus-tasting. That was not the case I was a bit confused. To add to the confusion, it was oddly familiar tasting, even though this was the first time I’d ever tried it. After a few more swigs I could kind of taste a lime flavor. It seems like it’s subtle, but the more I drank the more I could taste it. And then I suddenly figured out my confusion. The extra sourness from the lime flavoring actually makes this taste more like a cider made with Granny Smith apples. That’s not a bad thing, but the lack of a strong key lime flavor was a little disappointing.

 3 Daughters Key Lime Apple Cider

The Verdict

Limes and apples aren’t known for being a great pair. They certainly don’t have the damn unfortunate chemistry of something like toothpaste and orange juice, but they aren’t known for pairing up like strawberry and banana or peanut butter and bacon (seriously you need to try a peanut butter and bacon sandwich if you haven’t because you are missing out). 3 Daughters Key Lime Apple Cider isn’t going to change that either. It’s decent enough cider though, particularly if you prefer yours on the tart side. It’s not going to satisfy and key lime pie cravings or be my go-to cider any time soon, but I certainly wouldn’t turn it down if you offered me one. Consider it a thumbs up.

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